Monday, October 21, 2013

Late Writing excuse

Sorry i haven't been writing for the past week because i've been on Fall Break and if im on a break i ain't doing nothing.
Well today im sleepy bcause i just got in the grove of sleeping in lately and well im happy to be back cause i get to see my friends and my crush ( yah!!!) then also i got changed out of french ( THANK THA LORD!!!) but yep now im in a digital piano which is much better. But yah imma talk to yall later

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family Game

hey yall whats up? Before i start talking about stuff i wanna say Happy birthday to my momma!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ok now you remember when yall use to play these family games when yall were younger well im still young and i still do it. I love that game its soo amazing. Your bestfriends are your mom, sisters and brothers. Then usually who ever you like or is dating is your bf or father ( if your pregnate)but anyways its a fun game end of discussion.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Books, not many people like them i know i don't half the time unless its like ghost stories or something like that. Man i hate how you have to take them home um no thank you.Those books are way too thick. I keep saying we need to have them on the ipads cause you are wasting paper. But nobody listens to the girl in the corner. But why would you have them books made so thick yet we don't even get to the middle of the book. What they need to do is just make a book with the stuff we are going to learn that school semester no more maybe less. Or i have a better idea eliminate books COMPLETELY!!! so yah books worst invention ever.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dude Friends

Hey everyone yah ik you already know what im about to say but im going to say it anyway! hey im back! Well haven't yall thought what yall wanna be when you grow up ik i have. when i was 6 i wanted to be famous and through age 12 i wanted to be a doctor but as soon as i turned 13 i decided imma do it all. Im going to act, design and well maybe thats all. but yep thats me. But anyways let me get on with it so now im listening to this song My last by Big Sean omg i love this song!!!!! so lets see what i want to talk about? hmm let me think oh well i'll just  talk about friends. Well in my Algebra class i was doing this project which we finally finished and my friend she is still going on about oh who do u like because she read my blogg on crushes which i hope yall read it too but anyways yah she was getting on my nerves so bad i decided to go over where a group of boys were sitting because they were playing this game and i thought it was funny how they were jumping up screaming when they made a goal. Sometimes to me it would be better to be friends with dudes instead of girls. Girls have there moments. But like when you hang out with dudes its less drama than with girls until one of them took over my computer to listen to music but i didn't care because he was my friend one and two i was doing homework cause i hate to take homework home, and binders and books but i'll talk about that later. But yah its so not as complicated as girls are. I love how you can just relax ( unless your dude friend is your crush) but yep its relieving. You don't have to be ladylike or anything i love it!!! Well thats all for now
 Don't forget to comment and Peace
- lilmissknowitall16

Weirdness of the day

hey im back so today is Thursday of course. well lets get to it

Question of the day
Your a really big cheese stick fan and you have 30 with you.Then you see a starving hobo on the side of the road will you give him some or not?

Song of the day
Berzerk- Eminem
 this song is so hevy metal its just addicting its has a great beat!  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hey so what should i talk about today? hmm lets see. Oh well but anyway i'll talk about French classes. Why do we even need them? cause tell me BESIDES Paris or somewhere over there in that area. When are you going to meet a french person who doesn't know how to speak English. So yah i'm in a French class ( which i didn't sign or ask for it) so yah that teacher teaches me in French. It takes me about 7 minutes just to find the page number because she says that in French too!!!!! How am i suppose to learn if i don't even know how to pernounce the word anyways!!!!??? so i went and asked the teacher if i could change classes so she emailed our principal and he hasn't emailed back YET!! ugg i can't wait to get out of there. Don't get me wrong i wanted to learn french and all but IM COMPLETELY LOST!!!!! OUT OF MY MIND!!!!! but anyways just wanted to say that if ur reading this and want me to talk about some topic just comment it!! i will love to here form yall.
                                                                              SPEAD THE PEACE!, BE MINDLESS!
                                                                                             - lilmissknowitall16


Hey everyone! have yall have u seen that new show wolf blood on Disney Channel? if you haven't you should watch it if you like werewolves omg that show is soo awesome!!!

i mean well its about this girl who's parents are wolfs and stuff then all of a sudden this new kid named johnothon moves to town where he is also a wolf i was like amazing then they have them popular girls who look like Jersey Shore threw up on them omg so horrible! i was laughing at them lord help them but anyway its a really good show im not gonna spoil anymore but it comes back on every night at 7 oclock my time idk about yours though.

oh almost forgot happy HUMP DUAY!!! don't go running with the wolfs and watch wolf blood
                                                                    - lilmissknowitall16

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hey im back but now i want to talk about Crushes. Yah i know this is one thing we girls that are like quiet and stuff we don't talk about it. Im not quiet but when it comes to my crush i sure am. So don't u hate it when your just minding your own business eating a banana or something then someone comes up to you and say hey i know who you like. You be like what how do you even know that!!! but if you ever said i never told know one, UR LYING!! you know you told your best friend or some random person on the street just to get it off your back. Also we ALL know what happens when we try to talk to the crush.

when we try to talk to them it like we are from another planet and crap. They be looking at you like um are you ok? and then you STILL can't say im ok or no im not ok. I HATE that its so lame im so not the crush talker or the crush talkie im the one in the corner staring like a stalker. But usually when that happens you don't get any courage. At all. Don't get me started with other stuff like.... they sit by you at lunch, when thats happens its like uh oh awkward lunch don't look stupid be cool ugg can't do it turtle mode. So the bad thing about that you didn't act yourself and he thinks your a total wierdo. Totally not gonna work in the future. Oh also don't you love that feeling you get when your crush smiles at you its like we have World peace in the world and everything seems even better than it

could every be!!! so yes at that point you have a little faith that they like you!! so you be screaming THANK THE LORD!!!!! then the bad part he finds out that you like them. Oh no what are we going to do? Will they look at us like freaks? so many questions will be running through your head.Over and over day and night all the time. But let me get to the reason i started to write this, Don't black mail someone with you liking who. i can't stand that. i will literally go into a 5 minute panic mode so don't do that it will hurt someone very badly.
well im done so remember don't beat know one with a stick, don't act like a fool around your crush and well deuces.
                                      - lilmissknowitall16

weirdness of the day!

Now everyday imma start a weirdness of the day where i put like my song of the day or my picture of the day and stuff like that so imma give u a question of the day and a song of the day.


If you could be own earth all alone for a week what 3 people would you take/have with you? (choose 3 out of my options and comment it i would love to here what yall say)

  • your crush
  • bestfriend
  • boyfriend/girlfriend
  • parents
  • pet
  • a famous person you love dearly (if a band they count as one person)


well my song of today well artist of the day is Drake and his song forever

so please comment what you would want me to blog  i would LOVE to here what yall have to say as i said before.

Spread the Peace, obey elders and keep calm
                         - lilmissknowitall16

Lunch food

well im back hello everyone! well today what i wanna talk about is dem ratchet excuses for lunchroom food. I MEAN SERIOUSLY R U TRYING TO KILL US!!! yesterday i literally almost died of starvation but i ain't gonna name any names but they need to go to a cooking class in fal break unless u wanna be picking up some dead kids bodies. So yes ik yall don't make gormet food but still give us DESENT food not something Frankinstein's master would make. Also i know,i know this is suppose to be a FASHION blog but i changed my mind im sorry.Now as i was saying that lunch food i don't know if its just me but i don't wanna die of food poisoning.
yah the food on the left, no i be looking at my
plate just like this kid is doing

Nasty lunch food ( this is what i was talking about!)
what is that meat? it looks like you froze some throw up!

now this is what im talking about i love this stuff!!!! they need to feed us this instead of that stuff they call food up there!

well im done, til next time SPREAD THE PEACE! don't start food fights and don't forget to comment!
- lilmissknowitall16