Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hey im back but now i want to talk about Crushes. Yah i know this is one thing we girls that are like quiet and stuff we don't talk about it. Im not quiet but when it comes to my crush i sure am. So don't u hate it when your just minding your own business eating a banana or something then someone comes up to you and say hey i know who you like. You be like what how do you even know that!!! but if you ever said i never told know one, UR LYING!! you know you told your best friend or some random person on the street just to get it off your back. Also we ALL know what happens when we try to talk to the crush.

when we try to talk to them it like we are from another planet and crap. They be looking at you like um are you ok? and then you STILL can't say im ok or no im not ok. I HATE that its so lame im so not the crush talker or the crush talkie im the one in the corner staring like a stalker. But usually when that happens you don't get any courage. At all. Don't get me started with other stuff like.... they sit by you at lunch, when thats happens its like uh oh awkward lunch don't look stupid be cool ugg can't do it turtle mode. So the bad thing about that you didn't act yourself and he thinks your a total wierdo. Totally not gonna work in the future. Oh also don't you love that feeling you get when your crush smiles at you its like we have World peace in the world and everything seems even better than it

could every be!!! so yes at that point you have a little faith that they like you!! so you be screaming THANK THE LORD!!!!! then the bad part he finds out that you like them. Oh no what are we going to do? Will they look at us like freaks? so many questions will be running through your head.Over and over day and night all the time. But let me get to the reason i started to write this, Don't black mail someone with you liking who. i can't stand that. i will literally go into a 5 minute panic mode so don't do that it will hurt someone very badly.
well im done so remember don't beat know one with a stick, don't act like a fool around your crush and well deuces.
                                      - lilmissknowitall16

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