Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dude Friends

Hey everyone yah ik you already know what im about to say but im going to say it anyway! hey im back! Well haven't yall thought what yall wanna be when you grow up ik i have. when i was 6 i wanted to be famous and through age 12 i wanted to be a doctor but as soon as i turned 13 i decided imma do it all. Im going to act, design and well maybe thats all. but yep thats me. But anyways let me get on with it so now im listening to this song My last by Big Sean omg i love this song!!!!! so lets see what i want to talk about? hmm let me think oh well i'll just  talk about friends. Well in my Algebra class i was doing this project which we finally finished and my friend she is still going on about oh who do u like because she read my blogg on crushes which i hope yall read it too but anyways yah she was getting on my nerves so bad i decided to go over where a group of boys were sitting because they were playing this game and i thought it was funny how they were jumping up screaming when they made a goal. Sometimes to me it would be better to be friends with dudes instead of girls. Girls have there moments. But like when you hang out with dudes its less drama than with girls until one of them took over my computer to listen to music but i didn't care because he was my friend one and two i was doing homework cause i hate to take homework home, and binders and books but i'll talk about that later. But yah its so not as complicated as girls are. I love how you can just relax ( unless your dude friend is your crush) but yep its relieving. You don't have to be ladylike or anything i love it!!! Well thats all for now
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- lilmissknowitall16

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