Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hey so what should i talk about today? hmm lets see. Oh well but anyway i'll talk about French classes. Why do we even need them? cause tell me BESIDES Paris or somewhere over there in that area. When are you going to meet a french person who doesn't know how to speak English. So yah i'm in a French class ( which i didn't sign or ask for it) so yah that teacher teaches me in French. It takes me about 7 minutes just to find the page number because she says that in French too!!!!! How am i suppose to learn if i don't even know how to pernounce the word anyways!!!!??? so i went and asked the teacher if i could change classes so she emailed our principal and he hasn't emailed back YET!! ugg i can't wait to get out of there. Don't get me wrong i wanted to learn french and all but IM COMPLETELY LOST!!!!! OUT OF MY MIND!!!!! but anyways just wanted to say that if ur reading this and want me to talk about some topic just comment it!! i will love to here form yall.
                                                                              SPEAD THE PEACE!, BE MINDLESS!
                                                                                             - lilmissknowitall16

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  1. i love this its so true about how we won't see french pples here