Tuesday, October 1, 2013

weirdness of the day!

Now everyday imma start a weirdness of the day where i put like my song of the day or my picture of the day and stuff like that so imma give u a question of the day and a song of the day.


If you could be own earth all alone for a week what 3 people would you take/have with you? (choose 3 out of my options and comment it i would love to here what yall say)

  • your crush
  • bestfriend
  • boyfriend/girlfriend
  • parents
  • pet
  • a famous person you love dearly (if a band they count as one person)


well my song of today well artist of the day is Drake and his song forever

so please comment what you would want me to blog  i would LOVE to here what yall have to say as i said before.

Spread the Peace, obey elders and keep calm
                         - lilmissknowitall16

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