Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lunch food

well im back hello everyone! well today what i wanna talk about is dem ratchet excuses for lunchroom food. I MEAN SERIOUSLY R U TRYING TO KILL US!!! yesterday i literally almost died of starvation but i ain't gonna name any names but they need to go to a cooking class in fal break unless u wanna be picking up some dead kids bodies. So yes ik yall don't make gormet food but still give us DESENT food not something Frankinstein's master would make. Also i know,i know this is suppose to be a FASHION blog but i changed my mind im sorry.Now as i was saying that lunch food i don't know if its just me but i don't wanna die of food poisoning.
yah the food on the left, no i be looking at my
plate just like this kid is doing

Nasty lunch food ( this is what i was talking about!)
what is that meat? it looks like you froze some throw up!

now this is what im talking about i love this stuff!!!! they need to feed us this instead of that stuff they call food up there!

well im done, til next time SPREAD THE PEACE! don't start food fights and don't forget to comment!
- lilmissknowitall16

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