Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Oh drama what would we do without it oh thats right EVERYTHING!!! Drama well my definition of drama

Drama- something people start to see the other person suffer over dumb crap.

Well i personally love drama as long as im not in it. But when im in it, its time for it to stop. Do you remember when i told you about that that girl named Tiffany Carver yea she started rumors bout me but what really got me was that she said the only reason she went out with my ex was to make me jealous so im like um no sure we made a cute couple and you look like a freaking cheetah in the face but come on i had him before im over him so be it. So then she started going toward my friend which i will not name my REAL friends names cause i care what they think. But yes they do read this so im not actually starting drama. But i usually finish it though. But yah now she is trying to target my friends now which if you try to do that im gonna hurt you no questions asked.
     Im coming out of Piano right so all of a sudden my other friend which i have been hearing the worse news comming out of that class lately but anyways she said that Tiffany called my friend a slut and i was like oh no she's about to get snapped in half but i calmed down........ sorta. So we have been going back and forth for like the past 2 months maybe well almost 1 month but who cares. Im done. I have friends that care about me. Im friends with my ex. Everything Gucci. Also im not gonna be signaturing like i always do imma make a few changes.

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