Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New/Old boyfriend

Sorry i haven't been talking to yall lately the past few months have been heck. Its been horrible but i     guess imma tell yall i guess cause yall love my blog and all. Well imma start with chapter 1 the new boyfriend. Well yall remember when i was talking about new crushes and my crush well he asked me out YAY!!! i know totally big news but that was October 28th 2013. We dated for like a week. Then we broke up sad i know. But anyways like a few weeks i was mad at him and wouldn't talk to him but now were like totally really good friends but im not gonna get ahead of myself. He started to date my old bestfriend Tiffany Carver and yes i do hope she gets jumped in the middle of the night and raped. So anyways they are still dating now even though he knows she's a no good tramp.
So all this started like she's trying to say that oh i didn't know yall dated and oh im sorry and im like  if your sorry you would have went and told me yourself instead of me hearing it from my friend so that just added more anger toward my ex. BUT if you ask I STILL HATE HER AND I HOPE SHE GETS RAN OVER BY A TRUCK WHICH GETS RAN OVER BY A BUS WHICH GETS RAN OVER BY A PLANE THAT I WOULD BE DRIVING AND THEN DROP A BOMB ON HER BUTT TOO!!!!!!!!! end of part 1.


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