Tuesday, January 14, 2014


oh hey yall. Today imma talk about blackmail. See its NEVER GOOD. Why do we do it? To get things we want, to get out of giving up things. All sorts of stuff. Today like in math class, my friend well im mad at him right now but he was trying to guess who i like. But i have this bad habit of if u get it right imma start smiling and it happened. He was screaming his name trying to tell him and im like NO NO NO NO!!! STOP IT!!!!!!!! then he's like now do i have to pay the 4 dollars? that just made me pissed sooooo bad! Then he was like whats the big idea? why you being so serious? then im like i take things like that very serious and then i stopped talking to him. I swear if he tells him i like him i would NEVER EVER wanna talk to him again and then he would see how much it ment to me. Thats all for now im too depressed to write anything else........bye..........

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